Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marcross Con 2013

As a kid Robotech was the first soap opera I ever watched on T.V.  I use to set my VHS to recorded it cuz I didn't home from school in time to watch the show... yeah... I go that far back... WHUT!
Anywayz, I was totally crushing on a 30 foot tall, 6.25 metric ton Zentradi/Meltrandi female named Miriya!  Yow-zaah! That's a whole lot of lady to love!
So here is my piece that I have in an art show celebrating Robotech and Macross called "Deculture: A Tribute to Macross" being held at MacrossWorld Convention 2013  in Torrance, CA this weekend.  If you're around the area and are a fan of Robotech/Macross, come check it out!

KWESTONE says "Deculture"!

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  1. This is amazing! Are you planning to release prints of this or was it just a one-off for the convention? I know myself and several other Macross fans would love to own this.