Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Squid Kid

I part of a group called Squid Kids Ink... I know... Clever with the "Ink" instead of "INC." Anyhoo, here is custom I did for the Squib Figure Squid Kids make. It's based off of a post card I did earlier this year. I'll post that up soon. If you want to know more go to I gotta figure out how to post pictures better. Still getting my feet wet on the whole blogging thingy. Enjoy the custom... or not.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I guess it's finally time that I started spouting out words and posting art for the world not to care about. But at least I'll have somewhere to share some personal art. Sure I have a deviant art page, a facebook page, a myspace page and a website (that I haven't done anything with...yet) but now no one can tell me that I don't have a blog! TAKE THAT "NO ONE"! And with that let the sharing begin... Here are some sneak peeks and not so sneaky peeky pieces of art I've been working on. Please fell free to comment or critique. I guess it's more of a sneak peak then anything else. A couple of them are X-mas gifts and would want to spoil what they look like just yet, so stay tuned!