Monday, November 25, 2013

Shelf (fo') Life

I recently had the chance to do some illustration work for the talented Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, for their extremely hilarious web series Shelf Life ! For those few (not fanboys or fangirls) who don't know who Yuri, Tara and their show "Shelf Life" are… Well you're in for a treat… and when I say "treat", I mean a swift kick to the genitals with the wide foot of AWESOME!
Yuri Lowenthal is known for being the voice of "Ben Tennyson"(Ben 10)  and Tara has played many rolls on TV and Film. She been on shows like Revenge and Hawaii Five-O.
Shelf Life  is a "live action comedy show they created about four action figures on a young boys shelf…" okay I just regurgitated that quote from their web site.  But the show is down right #lolololololololol-ooohhhh!  Season 4 is my favorite!  If you guys get the chance click this link(Shelf Life Series) and watch all the seasons!

KWESTONE says Two-zeez!

(image above is an unused piece I did for the show)