Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey kids! Thought I'd post up some resent custom figures I did... recently. The first one was a bref-dai gift I made for my friends during the Hallah-oween season. If you can't tell what it is... It's suppose to be Frankenberry. It's made from a foam pumpkin I got from Michaels and a Munny body. The Skeletor is for Designer Con 2010. Nate Mitchell from Squid Kids Ink is showcasing his new "So Analog" figure at D-Con with a custom show featuring over 20 artist's customs and your's truly was invited to participate. If you guys get a chance come on over to Pasadena this Saturday and check it out! If you want more info just click on the "Designer Con" words on this post. Well gotta get back to drawing things and things.