Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Still Function...

I was inspired by my friend Dou Hong, while I was out in Rhode Island visiting her, to draw a robot. But not just any robot... A robot that "more than meets one eye"! So I decided to draw her as a Transformer animated style. Dou likes Transformers, interned for Hasbro, can draw like a beast, loves pugs and moos on occasion.
So Dou, my friend, this ones for yoos! For everyone else... Meet DOU-CEPTA-HONG!
I also wrote a little bio about my new creation but it's written in a strange form of Cybertronian Text... see if you can decipher it. I also plan to draw up her alt mode, so stay tooned for that!

KWESTONE say Moo-zeez!

If you haven't checked out Dou's work, click on her highlighted name... I promise it'll be worth it... if you like that kinda stuff... you know... "Good."