Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SF in SF

Capcom will be holding a Street Fighter Tournament in San Francisco this coming Dec. 8th to celebrate Street Fighters 25th Anniversary.  A bunch of extremely talented artist and  myself were invited to do some art pieces for the event.  Here is what I'll be submitting.
If you're around that area on that date stop on by.

KWESTONE says "Ha-Two-zeez!"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Empire Strikes it Rich

I guess George Lucas didn't want to look to greedy so he sold Lucas Films for only 4 billion to Disney... WHHHUUUUUU!  That's Crazy Money!  I have no hate though.  I love both companies.  They brought me Star Tours and Captain EO.  So we cool.
Here's my lil' tribute to both.  Darth Mickey or Disney Vader or Sith Lord - teer.... Can't think of any more Darth Vader / Mickey Mouse combos...

KWESTONE says "May the four-billion be with you... George"

D-Con 2012... Success!

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth and said "hi"!  And a big thank you to all you who stopped by and bought something!  A great Saturday in my book.  I got to hang out with some awesome ole' friends, got to meet some great new friends and sell some art.  Especially was great having one of my best buds sharing the booth with me (TRACY TUBERA).  If you guys have not seen his art just click on his name and check out his website.  You will not be disappointed.
Tracy and I collaborated on a piece that we sold at DesignerCon 2012.  We booth love our childhood cartoons so we did a Voltron (Golion) piece.  It went over well with the old schoolers.  Thanks everyone for making this D-Con one of the best times I've had. Let's do it again next year!  Woot!

KWESTONE says Two-zeez