Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lil' Boy Blue... Beetle

I've been watching and rewatching a lot of Young Justice lately.  I like that the show tries to explore each of the characters backgrounds.  The more recent episode kind of touches on Jaime Reyes aka the Blue Beetle. So I wanted to take a crack at drawing up this hero.  I didn't change too much on the design of his costume but I did want to give him a more helmet look instead of a form fitting mask.  I figure if beetles have hard shells so should Jaime (pronouced Hi-meh) :P.

KWESTONE says Two-zeez... Hermano!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Fandom!

This summer of 2012, Dou Hong and I are releasing a book with a compilation of our fan artwork at Anime Expo 2012.  So if you're in the Downtown Los Angeles area during the 4th of July weekend stop by our Artist Alley booth and pick yourself up a copy! We'll also so have other goodies for sale there too.  I'll be updating more info as the date approaches...  we haven't got our booth number yet... Hope to see you guys there!

Kwestone says Two-zeez!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Greetings Program

Did anyone catch the pilot episode of TRON: UPRISING ?  I gotta say that is one of the more prettier  looking shows out there.  The character art and the vehicle design are quite stunning to look at.  Simple with a hard edge look.  The style reminds me of The Beatles Rock Band Intro .  Needless to say, I wanted to quickly draw one of the antagonist characters.
Paige!  Voiced by the equally stunning Emmanuelle Chriqui and the newest of the female bad a$$es in my book.  I plan to draw a full body version later but for now here's quick render.  Which I did most of in Illustrator CS5 then Photoshop for the glow effect.
If I were to comment on anything about the show would be the story pacing... a lil quick for my taste... but that's just IMHO.

KWESTONE says End of Line...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quarter Century Forward

Wow!  Street Fighter has been around for 25 years!  That's Banay-nay!  That means I've been playing some form of Street fighter for a quarter of a century.  
I remembered when I was younger and thinking that I'd love to, one day, draw something for Capcom.  I never thought I was ever good enough to be draw any of the characters. It's only been in the last few year did I feel confident enough to take a stab at it... but barely.  
Capcom has made a call for artist to contribute to their 25th Anniversary Art book.  I'm submitting an Akuma piece this time. 
So here's how I usually work...  Start with a super rough sketch.... Render in Illustrator.... finish with some glowy effects on Photoshop!  Bam!  Ready to submit!  Hopefully I get in.  *crosses fingers

KWESTONE says Happy 25th Anniversary Street Fighter!