Monday, March 29, 2010

Comixed emotions!

I'm excited and at the same time sick to my stomach. Trying to draw panels turned out to be more time consuming then I thought. I think that I put more detail in it then I should. I for got when comics get printed the art gets smaller. Here's a larger piece that will get shrunk down. Thought I'd share before it shrinks... Wow! that was an awkward sentence.
Kwestone says "Two-zeez!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Samurai Project

Earlier this year I showed a sneak peak of some of the projects I'll be working on this year. The Samurai Project is a comic book anthology that I'll be participating in along with other great indie comic artist. I'm collaborating with Ed Rodriguez on the look of the art. This isn't a hand painted piece but I wanted to share it anyway. The comic book should be out later in the year. I'll keep you guys posted as it progresses.

Odds and Ends

This Saturday is the last day for the "$100 and under" and "5x7" show at The Land of Odd gallery. If anyone is interested in going, do so. There are still a lot of amazing artwork up for sale. Or just go to enjoy an inviting gallery and see some fantastic art. Eagle Rock don't stop! Woot-woot!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Belated B-Day Bag Blogged!

I'm ashamed to say that I've been kinda lazy with making gifts for my friends of late. I finally finished the Birthing day tote that I was going to give my friend Linda on her B-Day last month. Thought I'd share it with everyone else. The girl can kick a$$ with Akuma in Street Fighter. Linda, I hope your not reading this... It'll spoil your surprise. Everyone else, sshhh, don't tell her.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

5x7 Show at The Land of Odd Gallery

So here is the group show I'll be participating in this weekend. For more info follow this link...

Make it out if you can...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sketchup & Mustard: Week 4

So the theme was Children's Poems and Fairy tails. I chose to do "Little Miss Muffet"... but a more adult version. It's acrylic on an unprimed wooden artboart. What I liked about week 4's theme was the research on children's poems. Their origins are very dark. When you get a chance you should look up the origins of your favorite Mother Goose poem. I'll give you one... "Ring around the Rosies" is about the Black Plague... oh... you knew that one... well, good for you!

This week on 1 point 21...

Score! Again! I got into another group show but this time it's at a gallery called "The Land of Odd". Check out their website at It's a 5X7 show so I had some trouble painting that small. Here is what I'm submitting. I'm calling it "10 paces". But I want to name the ladies "Lucy" and "Michelle". I'm trying to do a series of them. Well if your out in the Eagle Rock, CA area on the night of March 13. Come on down and check out the show!

Allow myself to introduce....myself.

So I guess I haven't really written anything about me and why I started this blog. Well, I'm vector artist by trade. I love working with Adobe illustrator but I felt this was the year that I get back to doing more hand made art work. I also believe that it's time to get some of my personal projects going that have been waiting in the wings. My day job has been taking a lot of my personal time and I'm trying to have a better work/life balance. This blog is going to keep me on course with what I want to become as an artist. You guys still awake? Anyhoo, here's a new post but old piece. It's the only surviving art piece I did back in 2004 for group show called "Still on the Loose". I printed out the images and spray mounted them to some foamcore, then hot glue gunned them together. It took 2 week to put 4 of them together. If I find old picts of the other pieces I'll post them.