Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SF 25 in SF Round Up

Needless to say this passed weekend in San Francisco was amazing!  So now I'm going to talk about the Street fingter Tournament and for those who don't know street Fighter, you might not completely understand my ramblings and for those that do know,  my commentary on the festivities might sound amateurish at best... Let's face it... I never sound anything but like an amateur. :P

As long as I've played and loved Street Fighter, I've never attend any sort of organized competition of the game.  I've always planed to go to an EVO event but have not yet gone to one.  If this past tournament is any indication of EVO is like then I GOTTA GO to the next one.

Challengers from all over the world were there.  And I was able to play against a few of them... I lost to all I played... badly.  But that didn't get me down.  I told myself that the 10 year old I was playing up against was a professional competitor and I had nothing to be ashamed of when I lost two perfects to her. Also I didn't sleep much the night before and my game was off and I didn't want to make a little girl cry... plus I didn't bring my custom joy stick... if I had a custom joystick.

But my day wasn't over.  The art portion of the tournament (set up by my hommie Eric Phan of Tsunami Syndicate) went off really well.  Even though it was in a separate room from the main hall, it still got attention from the attendees.  It wasn't a steady stream by no means but they came in waves.  The first highlight of the art gallery was when Yoshinori Ono (Ono-san) stopped by!  This man is basically the main man of Street Fighter!  He had nothing but kind words and praise for the art that he saw in the gallery.  He even asked if he could buy one of my prints.  I said no... and gave it to him as a gift. :)  The second highlight was getting to sketch with my friends Nate MitchellLinda Panda, and Jerome Lu.

The weekend was finished off with an excellent bowl of ramen and a flight back to the LBC!  If you're not sleeping by now you should be... cuz that's about it... go home.  You are home?   That was fast.

KWESTONE says Two-zeez!