Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneak Peek-A-Boob!

Nate "Chuckles McGiggles" Mitchell, owner and sculpture extraordinaire ,of Squid Kids, asked if I would do a piece for his 10-doh figure release. Of course I said "No!" But then out loud I said "Sure Pal, I'll do you a solid and drop some arts on your persons, post haste." I'm pretty sure I'm not remembering how the conversation really went down but you get the gist... I hope. Anyhoo, here is a sneak peak, only because I love you folks and... also... I'm not finished. Stay tooned, though! I should be finished with the piece this week! Woot!

KWESTONE say Boob-beez... I mean Two-zeez :)

Another B-Day, Linda Hone!

It another year of Berf-Dai gifts of art. Up first this Year is Linda!
She likes Pandas and calling people fat. She's the Best. She can also kick a lot of people's fat a$$e$ on Super Street Fighter IV... Way to go Linda!

KWESTONE says Happy Berf-dai to Linda!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy AZN New Year!

Yes! It's here! The year of the Rabbit! I <3 drawing rabbits. How did the Chinese know? Anyhoo, I just finished this piece to help celebrate the New Year... Asian that is. I wanted to wish you and to all my friends (who celebrate the new year around this time) a Happy New Year. I'm also watching a documentary on Bruce Lee... I have no idea how that is related to the year of the Rabbit. Who cares! It's Bruce Lee! Whoot-Whoot-Wha-Cha! (Bruce Lee noises)

KWESTONE says Two-zeez!