Friday, February 6, 2015

Picture if you will... It's more of an art piece than a picture... mostly

Finally finished rendering this piece for Nate Mitchel birthday... from last year. It was stuck... in the Twilight Zone... with team Edward... WuH?

KWESTONE says Two-wilight Zeezone???

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eve Are Groot!

This had to be done right after I saw Guardians, this image popped into my mind.  I did some prints for Designer Con and they went fast. I do have a few left in my shop----> KWESTONE Store — Eve Are Groot if you'd like to get one.

KWESTONE says Eve are Groot-zeez?

Back to 2015

Woot! 2015 is finally here!  I was lucky enough to work with my good friend on a Loot Crate  project for January.  So if you guys have a subscription you might have been lucky enough to get the 10-doh figure with my graphics on it.  
A big thank you to Nate Mitchell (Squid Kids Ink) for letting take part.
I'm really bad at updating my blog so if you like you guys can also follow me on INSTARAM @KWESTONE! Hope to see you there!

KWESTONE says Back Two-zeez the Future!