Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Smash Tokyo + KWESTONE = Robot Help

I was recently reading though the Toys R Evil blog, catching up on the happenings in the toy and pop culture art world. When I came upon an article or more like a call for help from Mattyboombatty (from Smash Tokyo Toys) to help out an 11 year old boy get a new wheel chair by asking if any artist would be willing to help develop an art print that they could sell to raise money. So I wanted to help and this is a sketch of what I am submitting for my part in a collaboration piece with other artists. It's based on Smash Tokyo Toys' Seismic Ace and Bear Tank. I'll post the finished piece as soon as it's done. I'll not try to lag on this one. If you'd like to read the article or even want to help out. Here's the link...

KWESTONE says 2zeez