Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 Dang Lazy

Woof!  My blog has been getting neglected.  But now I post!  This long weekend was totally a Lazy long weekend.  A lot of sleeping and watching Fringe (Awesome show by the way)!  But I peeled my self out of bed and finished up a commission piece for Ms. Thu Dang!  Thank you for the commission. This was fun.  Going spy themed.  I been wanting to do Robert McGinnis Spy movie poster style art piece.

KWESTONE says 2-Dang 2-zeez!


  1. I love it. Nice to see a post from you. How fun to get a commission. Hey you doing the Mosterfest show this year at Rothick Art Haus? I hope so. I've been working on my piece for it. Miss you, man. Hope to catch you soon.

    1. Hey Mel! Sorry for the late reply... Super late reply :( Yeah, busy as usual... actually more busy then usual. Trying to do 100 projects at once. I gotta learn to say no. But I will be doing Monstoberfest again this year. I'm trying to do 4 pieces this year... one more to go. Hope you're doing well. Much Love!

    2. Awesome. Glad you're doing Monsterfest too. I can't wait to see what you've done and to hear what you think of my piece. Thanks for taking last year's piece. Catch you soon, man!!!!