Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quarter Century Forward

Wow!  Street Fighter has been around for 25 years!  That's Banay-nay!  That means I've been playing some form of Street fighter for a quarter of a century.  
I remembered when I was younger and thinking that I'd love to, one day, draw something for Capcom.  I never thought I was ever good enough to be draw any of the characters. It's only been in the last few year did I feel confident enough to take a stab at it... but barely.  
Capcom has made a call for artist to contribute to their 25th Anniversary Art book.  I'm submitting an Akuma piece this time. 
So here's how I usually work...  Start with a super rough sketch.... Render in Illustrator.... finish with some glowy effects on Photoshop!  Bam!  Ready to submit!  Hopefully I get in.  *crosses fingers

KWESTONE says Happy 25th Anniversary Street Fighter!


  1. That's Banay-nay? What are you... from the 80s?

    1. What a Cray-cray thing to say! I'm actually from Long Beach...