Saturday, March 10, 2012

World's Fiercest Finally!

I was going to start rendering the Ralph McQuarrie Tirbute piece but I thought that I oughta finish some of my other art projects I've been putting off. So here it is! I finished the WORLD FIERCEST piece. I'm a huge fan of DC Comics and I've always loved all the Batman/Superman team ups called "World's Finest".... So I wanted to make a Batman/Superman team up that I've never seen and Bullseye.... Azreal and the Eradicator. It'd be awesome to see this team up in the comics... So if you see this DC, hook a brotha up! :)

KWESTONE says Tow-zeez!


  1. Yeah! Love this! The colors, characters, graphics...woot! :)

    1. Thanks again, Viv for the constant support! :)