Monday, October 24, 2011

Two-zeez Movies!

Okay! So today I'm not posting a piece of art that's mine but someone else's. My good friend John Gordon is producing a film called "Coyote Requiem". He needs a little help finishing it. So he started a "campaign to raise the last bit of money needed to finish this film and get it to festivals where they hope it will get picked up". He's not asking for much... JUST TWO BUCKS! WHAT? Craze! Starbucks doesn't have a latte that reasonably priced! That's not even a gallon of gas! Yes, just drop two bucks and get a film made!
I'm a great supporter of independent artists and especially ones that are my friends. So when you guys get the chance read more about it here...Coyote Requiem - Feature Film by Jason Lehel and John Gordon — Kickstarter
... Show some love and drop a couple of duckets... :) Please. Thank you in advance.

KWESTONE say Two-buckz

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  1. Awesome!!! Best wishes to your friends and on this project!