Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Squid Kid Ink X Kwestone X Gallery 1988

Ollo Blog-ito friends. This Friday (September 16th) Squid Kids Ink and your's truly will be exhibiting some 10-doh customs at Gallery1988 Venice, Los Angeles for the gallery's "Old School Video Game Show". If you're in the neighborhood or just plain like classic video game art, come on through and check it out. And Big Ups to my man, Nate Mitchell for getting me in the show... Check out this picture of him in this sweet Hipster straw hat... :) Btw that's not the real Gallery 1988 flyer. For more info about the show just go to their web site... Gallery1988 .


1 comment:

  1. ive never seen a picture of nate i didnt like.
    but put him in some sunglasses, straw hat, or make him do some kind of hand gesture and im in love.