Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay, okay. So things have been really busy and my blog is progressing slowly. Or maybe I'm just making up excuses. So this week I'm on vacation and hangin' out in the east coast. Spendin' QT with my friend Dou Hong and finishing some neglected personal art pieces.
So this is the 5X7 that will be included in the 10 Doh! figure by Squid Kids Ink. I'm still finishing up the main label. The concept is if Mac from "Punch Out" was a girl. Yeah, sick-oh, I tend to gender twist most of my favorite guy characters. I also wanted to make it look like a vintage fight poster... Um... well at least that's what I wanted it to look like.
I rendered most of the art in illustrator and add some texture on photoshop. I wish it was Tuesday when I posted this so that way I could say, "Happy Boobs-day" :) .... sorry.


  1. g_d. This is too sick. I'mma hafta revamp my piece a bit to be a contender. That's honestly ridiculous. (^__^)

    jolly good show.


  2. OMG! Thanks Andrew! That's a really kind comment coming from some one who's Art I admire! I'm just glad to be a part of a project with a group of artists that are amazing. I saw your piece and had to up my game! :) So to recap... You're Awesome!

  3. Chito, Verry niiice! Sorry I had to look up who Mac from "Punch Out" was. If I knew him before my search, I 'd be like, "What's Mac doing with boobs?!" Yeah, there's no mistaking him/her for Mac! I like the twist. And I like all the old fight poster texture and muck you added.